Welcome to this crazy journey that I am going to attempt to go on with each of you.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ryan Bowyer and I am a 25 year-old former collegiate runner who has recently refound that competitive desire.

I was always a relatively good runner. Interestingly, I never worked super hard at it. I have always felt that if I actually put the time in and worked hard at this amazing sport, I could have done some fantastic things. I am going to attempt to that now.

I’ve taken a look at the ages and how some of these stars, like Timothy Olsen, got into ultrarunning. Many were regular guys. In fact, some did not even start running until the age I’m at now. Hobie Call (most known for the Spartan Races), one of the leaders in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is winning races, and really dominating, the sport at age 36. I sincerely think that I can reemerge as a competitive runner in one of two areas.

The first is ultrarunning. I definitely feel as if there is a chance that I could do well. I am going to begin signing up for some exploratory races to see exactly how well I do in them.

The second is OCR. I’m signed up for a Spartan Race, and after winning the Camp Rockfish Challenge Course 5K, I feel as if I have some talent there. We’ll see what happens.

That leaves me to where I am in. Excited to begin this journey. I am going to be cautious how many races and how much training I do in 2013.. In the first part of 2014, I am really going to kick up the races, figure out which part of the sport I am truly good at. In the latter half of 22014, I am going to concentrate on that part of the sport, with a goal of becoming a sponsored runner by 2015.

I’ve recently ran a number of races and have been quite competitive. I was disappointed I did not win the USO Run for the Troops, and was disappointed in the Ultimate Runner performance, but I have only been truly been putting even somewhat respectable weekly milage totals since the beginning of the summer. Hopefully I will continue to be competitive.

I will be doing race reports and whenever I see an interesting thing or have something interesting to add from a training run, I will be sure to update.

Thanks for going on this journey with me.


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