The Wild Stampede Obstacle Course

The Wild Stampede Blog

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to participate in my second obstacle course race, “The Wild Stampede” built by LegendRace. This first one I participated in, the Camp Rockfish Challenge Course 5K, I won (although the obstacles were much, much smaller than The Wild Stampede).


I decided early on that I would run this race with my significant other, Amanda. The Wild Stampede was not going to be timed, and Amanda was concerned about some of the obstacles, so we decided to run it together. Since I would not be racing, I took the opportunity to take a waterproof camera I received from my parents as a graduation gift to shoot some photos of Amanda and I (mostly Amanda) on the course.

We drove from Fayetteville, NC to Burlington, NC the morning of the race. We arrived, went through an extremely easy check, did a quick warm up, and got ready for the start!

The Race

 The race itself was an absolute blast. We were very quickly greeted with three mud hills with a pit behind them filled with water and mud. Quickly following that we were thrust into a 25-30 meter channel filled with water. The shoes were already soaked, I was wet, and we were off!

At this point in the race, Amanda and I were leading the heat. A group of three men quickly passed us about a quarter-mile into the race and were off. I had to resist the urge to follow and be content with running with Amanda. Through about a mile, Amanda was the lead woman. She ran really, really well and has come a long way in a short year. With more time and dedication to the sport, I think she could be competitive in events like this. She always does well with the obstacles.

Interestingly, she beasted me on a couple of the obstacles. The first was the cinderblock pull. She was done with the cinderblock (and she even did the guys’ weight) before I was halfway done with it. Pretty impressive. She hasn’t let me live it down.

My toughest part of the course was the lake cross. This is one where I lost quite a bit of time and am going to have to improve. As the picture shows, we had to hang backwards off of firehose and swing ourselves across. My biggest issue was the scraping on my legs from the hose and almost losing my shoe on that obstacle. I’m going to get better at it.

We went through the rest of the obstacles (and there were plenty!) together, including an A frame climb, a rope climb, a  fence climb, another water obstacle, and a tarzan swing. We ended up coming in together and were congratulated with a medal! Amanda was extremely excited as this was her first medal.

In all, we both thoroughly enjoyed the race. It was well done, professional, safe, and exciting. I would love to see it be timed next race (with prizes).


Wow – what an experience. Let me say that the Conservators’ Center has some absolutely amazing animals and the price for the race with the opportunity to see the animals was more than worth it. Amanda, Amanda’s family, and myself, toured the first-class facility. The center is broken up into two sections – a large animal circle and a small animal circle. While my favorite of the animals were the beautiful wolves, seeing Arthur Tiger, the lions, leopards, and tigers (all big animals), we were nonetheless really excited to see some of the smaller animals. There really were some beautiful animals.

Amanda fell in love with the binturong, also known as the bearcat, a species found in South and Southeast Asia. As you can see, they really are incredibly cute animals as well.

I can absolutely say that Amanda and I will be joining LegendRace for their upcoming partnerships with the Conservators’ Center. There are already two more on the schedule, and as soon as registration goes live, Amanda and I will absolutely be signing up.

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