Play4Kay 4K – 1st Place!

Coming into this race, I knew that I had a chance to win it. Even if there were some of the locals who could run the shorter distances quickly, I figured that I would have the ability to outrace them. This turned out to be the case as I won the fourth annual Play4Kay 4K run at Methodist University.

Amanda and I ended up waking up only shortly before the 8:00 AM start time. A quick change into running clothes, and we walked over to the Riddle Center, which is where our basketball and volleyball games are held here at Methodist University. I grabbed some water. It was a cold and windy day, so I kept my hoodie and athletic pants. We were told to move down to the track where the race would begin.

At this point, I had not done any warming up. I looked around and felt good about my chances. No one really had “the look” that you can sometimes see and know someone will be a huge challenge. The gun went off and I quickly gained the lead. We ran 200 meters on the track, and then were off for the rest fo the race.

The first 500 meters were all uphill, but we were rewarded with over a mile of almost primarily downhill. At the turnabout, I took a look and I was about 50 meters in the lead. Moving quickly, I knew that we were in for a .75 mile hill before a flat 400 meters back to the track. I knew that as well as I was filling, I could push the pace up the hill and try to lose the other two that were approximately 50 meters behind me. The strategy worked, and I crested the hill in the lead. I knew I could outkick anyone the last 400 meters had anyone caught me, so I took a quick glance over the shoulder and could not see anyone.

With approximately 300 yards to go, I knew I had the win. I took off my hoodie and showcased the Play4Kay event shirt that had come with our registration and my new racing sleeves.

I crossed the finish line in first, approximately 110 meters ahead of second place. It felt great to win an event, as I had not won one since the previous April. Overall, it was a good and quick race that was pretty exciting and I ran well!

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