#LegendRace Sponsorship and Competitive Team

This is an incredibly exciting post for me to write.

I have been accepted as a member of #LegendRace ‘s competitive and sponsored team! This will serve as a re-introduction to those already familiar with my blog and an introduction to those who will be reading for the first time.


My name is Ryan Bowyer and I am a 27 year old semi-competitive runner really looking to take the next step. I ran cross country in college at Emory & Henry College in Emory, VA after running cross country and track, playing baseball and basketball in high school. I ran competitively all through undergrad and then got to grad school and immediately gave it up. Between the course work, my assistantship, and meeting my now-wife, there were simply other priorities that took precedent. I entered the professional world in 2012 and regained that love of running.

Trifecta Earned

Since then, I have won a number of local races, won my age group in some larger 5Ks, and qualified for the 2014 Warrior Dash World Championship and, by default, the Independently Run OCR World Championship. I didn’t get to run in either, and won’t have the opportunity this fall either, but I’m looking to in 2016.
In addition to running OCRs, I have also been slowly building my mileage to get into ultra-marathons. I’ve got my first one lined up here in Myrtle Beach next Spring, and eventually would like to qualify to get in the Western States lotto.

I also enjoy doing a variety of hiking, and it is one of my goals to hike the peak in every state. I’ll be getting North Carolina’s peak later this month and Maine’s later this fall.
#LegendRace is pretty meaningful to me and I can’t say how excited I am to be joining this team.

I have raced two of #LegendRace ‘s events – the first one was my second obstacle race in September 2013 and my wife’s first ever. The event at the Conservator’s marked my wife’s first ever medal and it was a pretty cool moment.

Actually – it is because of Obstacle Course Racing that my wife finally likes beer! She decided that after working her ass off she wanted to be able to enjoy her hard earned beer.

The team’s mission is super important to me as well. While we want to be competitive, and rock out, and win races, this stuff is so much more than that. It is truly about becoming a better version of ourselves than we were the previous day, and being better tomorrow than we were today. When we engage in these primal, primitive activities, like climbing ropes, jumping over obstacles, rolling around in mud, we become free. Whatever the professional world can throw at us is so much less troublesome knowing the crazy things we are capable of doing.

There is a support group here that can be found nowhere else. I tell young athletes that are considering taking up running that it is the craziest thing – you can be competing for a district or regional championship, as my teams often were, we would still encourage through huffs and grunts those teams that were most closely competing with us. Because we know what it takes. We know what it’s like. We know what we put into this sport.

And that’s what these teams are about. They are about making us all better. #LegendRace is going to make me a hell of a better runner, athlete, teammate, but more importantly, #LegendRace is going to help make me a better friend, husband, and person.

I’m looking forward to going on the journey with #LegendRace, and I’m extremely humbled and grateful for taking me on.

Feel free to comment, hit me up on facebook (Ryan Bowyer), twitter at @ryanbowyer115, or Instagram @RyanBowyer115 .

Keep running,


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