Spartan Race Wintergreen, Virginia Super

Wow. What a race. The Spartan Race Virginia Super was easily the most intense race I’ve ever participated in. I have literally never wanted to quit a race – although this race made me want to quit numerous times.

This was my first race as a member of the Legend Race Competitive Team. Check out Legend Race here .

Start Line

The Race

This race is a legend in regards to Obstacle Course Racing and specifically the Spartan Series. When Amanda and I ran in the Spartan Beast and Super weekend in Carolina, we often heard from our fellow racers that Wintergreen was tougher even though it was three miles shorter. I didn’t really believe them – I absolutely do now.

The race is held on the ski resort of Wintergreen, Virginia. The race directors absolutely take full advantage of this as much of the course is up and down the ski slopes. In fact, it was hilarious to watch the ski

I ran in the 8:45 AM heat. While I had hoped to run the entire race between 2 and 3 hours, that wasn’t to be the case for me. I ended up running a solid 4 hours and 9 minutes. Pretty disappointed, but it was an incredibly difficult race.

The course was right at nine miles in length. It was the first time that I’ve noticed the course count down – it certainly added a different level of thought process and racing planning. I actually really appreciated it.

The race was brutal – there were numerous people laying on the side of the mountain with cramps, rubbing their legs, walking, and just trying to make it.

Some high notes: I hit the spear throw for the first time. I was getting ready to get up to it and I heard someone say, “loft it and throw it higher than you think you should.” So I tried it and hit it. I was pretty pumped about that.

Some lows: I still get wrecked on carries. I’m finding that I’m passing people on the running portion – a lot. Very few people actually pass me while running. But those same people end up passing me on the carries. Even going downhill, I’m struggling with the carries. It’s actually frustrating. I’m going to get my own bucket of rocks and sandbag to begin working on that skill. I’ve got to get better.

Ryan Fire Jump 3

Race Venue

As always, the Spartan Race venue is awesome. It seemed… empty… this time, though. There weren’t as many racers in Wintergreen this year, and to date, the race hasn’t been announced.

I’m honestly curious if it was too difficult and that some racers couldn’t appreciate how difficult the venue is. That may be why attendance was so low. We’ll see what ends up happening. It will be interesting to see if it comes back in 2016.

Pre-Race Image

Final Thoughts

This was my second super. I’m getting better but still have a long way to go. I’ll be back at Wintergreen should they have the event again, although I certainly won’t be looking forward to it.

I think that Amanda will also want to do this one again, although she certainly wasn’t happy. You can see in the image below she’s holding back tears as she was totally beat during this race and took a while to recover both mentally and physically.

At Finish 2

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3 Responses to Spartan Race Wintergreen, Virginia Super

  1. My friends who ran that race said it was brutal. I went up to Killington, Vermont for the ultra and that terrain was unforgiving, so much so I DNF bc of an injury. I have a recap on my blog.

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