Chauncey’s 5K – 1st Place Age Group


Chauncey’s 5K is a race that I always want to do well in. It is a race that is held by Coastal Carolina University, and this happens to be my employer. A lot of my coworkers come out to run (this time there were 5 of 14 that are my direct peers, my direct supervisor, and my supervisor’s supervisor all ran), and as my Nohari’s Window suggests, I am pretty open about my extracurricular activities. I won my age group last year, and was pretty open about wanting to win it again this year.


Chauncey’s Night 5K

Amanda’s aunt, Judy, was also present for this race as she was visiting. This was the first race that she had been able to see, so I know that Amanda was also hoping to do well.

The course is somewhat of a loop in the road around the University, so I run it regularly and know the course.

The Race:

The gun is off, and people are moving very quickly. I went through the first mile in 5:52, and thought, “holy hell. This is fast.” Through the first mile, I was in 7th or so. At one point I moved up to 5th, but ended up getting passed.

For about a mile, I was in second in my age group, behind one of our graduate student RAs. He got a 15 second or so lead on me, but I ended up realing him in and finishing approximately 14 seconds ahead of him.

Ryan and Amanda After Race

Amanda and I after the race! This also has my first place age group award!

Post Race:

I had a pretty cool moment post-race. I was walking with Amanda and I heard, “Ryan?!” I turned around met a guy, Charlie, who had actually been reading my blog. If I remember correctly, he said that Chauncey’s Night 5K last year was the first race he had ever done and he was back this year. We chatted for a while, connected, and I told him about OCR and encouraged him to give it a go. I hope that Charlie reads this and connects with me again!

The Age Group placement reward was a piece of the teal turf from CCU’s recently renovated football stadium, which was pretty cool.

Amanda and I hung out a bit, collected our stuff, and then left. Overall, another good experience.


Age Group (25-29): 1 of 14

Male: 11 of 195

Overall: 11 of 545

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