TrueMudd Obstacle Course – Second Overall Place


The TrueMuddTrueMudd is a local 5K obstacle course race that I wanted to try. Fred Augustine, owner of Legend Race, had sent me some information about this race, and I wanted to give it a go. Initially, this race was supposed to be three weeks earlier, but due to the “1000 year storm” it was postponed as the entire course was under water.

I had just raced Chauncey’s 5K the evening before and my legs were shot. I had won my age group and finished 11th of 545ish runners. These included some of the local stalwarts, some members of the local championship winning high school cross country, etc. So to run back to back races that morning had left my legs pretty tired.

It’s also cold this morning – a solid 35 degrees or so.

Looking around, I figured that I would be able to either win or place second. There was only one guy that I was worried about.

The Race:

This OCR is one that involved more swimming than anything I’ve encountered before. There was also the thickest mud I’ve ever encountered.

The gun was off and I’m finding myself in second. We come to the first obstacle, monkey bars, and both he and I are through them. We run for 100 meters or so and come to a jump.

Ever since hearing about the guy that died at the Tough Mudder, I’ve been super concerned with large jumps. So I stand there. I watch the guy that’s winning jump in and surface. There is a volunteer at the jump and I look at him and ask, “if I don’t come back up, are you coming in after me?” He assures me that he is. And I jump.

And holy shit. You want to talk about the coldest I’ve ever been. I come up and my entire body is struggling. I doggy-paddle the 10-15 yards over to the bank while cursing at myself.

At this point, 3 or 4 minutes into the race, I know I’m not going to win. I take a look behind me, and there’s no one there. This early on, and I know I’m going to finish second.

We go through normal obstacles – a couple of walls, a tyrolean traverse, cargo nuts, rope climb, 15 foot ladder walls, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary, until the ½ mile long mud pit/water obstacle. Again – with the water. Holy cow.

There is a log carry, mud pits that were incredibly difficult to get out of, and then the slide.


The Slide

The slide was probably the coolest part. A huge slide into the water. You got some major air.


My Major Air

I crossed the line in second, got my medal, gave it to Judy, and then immediately started jogging back for Amanda. I caught her with about a half mile to go.

Post Race:

Overall, it was a fun experience. I’m glad that I was able to get the patch. However, this may not be a race that we come back to. I think that I could cut 15 minutes off of my time.

Amanda also ended up finishing second overall woman, which was pretty exciting. She did an awesome job, especially after having raced the evening before.


Amanda and I post race!

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