Rivertown Reindeer Dash – Age Group Victory and 5th Overall


This was going to be the last race of the year for me, so I wanted to go ahead and race well.


This is a smaller race, with approximately 300 runners. Looking at the registrants, there were only two in my age group, so once again my goal was to win the age group.


The gun is off and we go up a steady incline for almost the entire first mile. One of my favorite things about a smaller race like this is seeing all of the little kids go out super fast. For the first 100 meters or so, I’m in like 20th place and there are a good 10 kids no older than 15 in front of me.

We go through the first mile and I’m sitting in third place. The guy that ends up winning the race goes through the first mile in something like 4:55, so I was never really close. Immediately behind me are two guys and they end up catching me in the second mile. We run together until there is approximately 1700 meters or so left, just before the 2 mile mark. I end up losing steam and getting passed into fifth. I’m able to hold on to fifth place and an age group win.


We wait around for the awards ceremony as the race organization was super quick with getting results up. I knew that I had won my age group and was exciting to get my award!


In review, it was a good end to my 2015 racing schedule. I was glad to finish well, get another age group victory, and see my progress during the year. I definitely improved, but still have quite a long ways to go before I am able to run like I want.

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