Let me introduce myself.

My name is Ryan Bowyer. I am 27 years old. Currently, I work at Coastal Carolina University in beautiful Conway, South Carolina as a member of the University Housing – Student Success Team. My ‘field’ is Student Affairs/Higher Education and I absolutely love working with students on a daily basis.

Here is my AthLinks profile.

Here is my AthleteIQ profile.

I am married to my amazing partner, Amanda Vosloh. Amanda is an independent business owner and independent writer who hopes to one day be a published author. She currently does a lot of freelance writing while maintaining her extremely successful eBay and Amazon business.

So to the blog. I was a runner in high school (along with playing baseball and basketball) and college. I was always “okay.” Never great or a standout, but better than most. After college, I went to grad school, stopped running, gained a ton of weight, and spent my first year in the professional world not exercising as well. ZI first discovered Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) when a student was in my office and we started looking at Tough Mudder videos. Pretty cool. Afterwards, I was hooked. Signed up for a Spartan Sprint and really though I had the ability to do something cool. Needless to say, I got pretty destroyed. Fueled a fire to make me better at the sport.

Additionally, Amanda and I love the outdoors. We are constantly challenging ourselves to new (and sometimes stupid) adventures. We’ve done some pretty crazy hiking (a couple of stories in South Africa I may blog about!) and some pretty easy stuff. We want to hit the peak of every state and I would like to hit some of the major international peaks. We’ll see where it takes me.

In the meantime, I’m working out everyday. Every day is a chance to be better than we were yesterday. We have the ability to make a difference in our life, and others, every day, and working out is an avenue to make that happen.

Feel free to interact with me in any shape or form. I love communicating with people about their endeavors, running, or life.



Twitter – ryanbowyer115
Email – ryan.bowyer.115@gmail.com


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