Gear I use

I wanted to use this page to give a little bit of information in regards to the gear I use on a daily basis. I plan to give accounts on everything from the shoes I wear to the shorts I use to the headband I wear.


For training, I exclusively use ASICS Gel-Nimbus . I have been a huge fan of ASICS since I was in college, and still exclusively use them. I appreciate the cushion, as I log many miles and am on my feet for hours at a time.

For racing, I have a number of different shoes that I use depending on the type of course I am going to be on.

For Obstacle Course Racing, I use Reebok Spartan All-Terrains. They have everything I’m looking for – lightweight, fast, they drain quickly, mud doesn’t stick to them, they have fantastic tread, and they have tread ont he sides of the shoes to assist with obstacles like the rope climb and traverse wall.

For anything from a road 8K to the Half Marathon, I’m using ASICS.

For a 5K, I’m using a racing flat. I’m actually still using the flat I wore in college, so I may be looking to upgrade relatively soon.


For training, I exclusively use HYLETE shorts. I absolutely love the pocket where my phone can fit. I can run, do box jumps, lift… really do anything and the phone will stay in the exact place I want it to. There is no worrying that the phone will slide, slip, come out of the pocket, or move around and be a distraction during your workout.

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I use a different type of tight depending on whether or not it is cold or warm out.

Compression Layer


I will wear a variety of shirts for daily work outs. However, I absolutely love HYLETE shirts.


I will always race in PROSOK for any mud run or obstacle course. I’ve raced numerous distances in these and have found them to always to do exactly what I want – not retain water, dry quickly, and make sure my feet don’t blister.

For any road races, I’m using…


My wife, Amanda , is a huge fan of headbands. I used to play hockey and was a goal, and absolutely loved Daniel Berthiaume  , who was known as ‘The Bandit’ for wearing a bandana, growing up as a kid. As a result, I wear HYLETE’s tie-headband for all of my workouts and races that don’t require me to wear a headband, such as Spartan Races.


I exclusively use Garden of Life supplements. I have found that I absolutely love these.

Specifically, I use Garden of Life Raw Meal for a daily meal. Depending on the day and what I’m doing, it’ll either be lunch or dinner.

I also use Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw to make sure I’m getting all of the plant-based nutrients I need to get.